Regenbogenparade 2014

“Made in Pride” was the slogan of Vienna’s pride parade 2014.

Regenbogenparade 2013

In 2013, Vienna pride parade was held under the slogan “United In Pride”.

Regenbogenparade 2012

It was a hot day in Vienna when the Vienna pride parade 2012 took place. And so the guys weren’t wearing too…

Regenbogenparade 2011

“Show your face” was the slogan of Vienna’s Regenbogenparade 2011

Regenbogenparade 2010

It was the 15th pride in Vienna – a great and wonderful event

Regenbogenparade 2009

The 15th Vienna pride parade was a very colourful event.

Regenbogenparade 2005

It was the 10th Vienna Pride, and also this time the weather was close to perfect.

Regenbogenparade 2004

“Love doesn’t know any borders” was the slogan of the Vienna Pride that year.

Regenbogenparade 2003

A great pride parade in Vienna with an important political message.

Regenbogenparade 2002

“Miteinander”, “Together” was the slogan of this year’s Vienna pride parade.