Regenbogenparade 2022

More than 250.000 people enjoyed Vienna Pride this year

Regenbogenparade 2021

After a year of Covid, Vienna Pride came back

EuroPride 2019

Almost 500.000 people shared love and tolerance

Regenbogenparade 2018

“Love, Respect and Solidarity”

CSD München 2016

It was a beautiful and hot summer day

Regenbogenparade 2017

Never before so many people have been at the Vienna pride parade. Here you see a colorful selection of them.

Regenbogenparade 2016

“Grenzen überwinden” – overcoming borders – was the very political slogan of this year’s Vienna pride parade

Regenbogenparade 2015

It was the 2oth pride parade in Vienna – so the slogan was put from the very first one: “Sichtbar 2015”

Regenbogenparade 2014

“Made in Pride” was the slogan of Vienna’s pride parade 2014.

Regenbogenparade 2013

In 2013, Vienna pride parade was held under the slogan “United In Pride”.