Beachparty 2009

From the beginning of my photographing career: A beach party at Why Not disco in 2009

Tuntenball 2005

“Viva la Diva!” The right slogan for a wonderful night.

Tuntenball 2004

A night in Graz, with the slogan “Von den Blumen die bunten, von den Männern die Tunten”

Rosenball 2004

The Rosenball is the annual queer alternative to the world famous Opernball – taking place at the same day

Tuntenball 2003

“Tunten dürfen alles” was the slogan of this great event at Grazer Congress.

Mister Gay Austria 2002

It was the first time a “Mister Gay Austria” was elected. This event was held at Kaiserbründl sauna.