Beachparty 2009

From the beginning of my photographing career: A beach party at Why Not disco in 2009

Vienna Beach Trophy 2008

A tournament with some of the best LGBT beach volleyball teams

Vienna Beach Trophy 2007

Vienna’s big LGBT beach volleyball tournament

Volleyball tournament 2006

Viennese LGBT volleyball tournament 2006

Tuntenball 2005

“Viva la Diva!” The right slogan for a wonderful night.

Tuntenball 2004

A night in Graz, with the slogan “Von den Blumen die bunten, von den Männern die Tunten”

Rosenball 2004

The Rosenball is the annual queer alternative to the world famous Opernball – taking place at the same day

Tuntenball 2003

“Tunten dürfen alles” was the slogan of this great event at Grazer Congress.

Mister Gay Austria 2002

It was the first time a “Mister Gay Austria” was elected. This event was held at Kaiserbründl sauna.

Regenbogenparade 2017

Never before so many people have been at the Vienna pride parade. Here you see a colorful selection of them.