Why I like to photograph bodybuilders

Today, I had a very nice shooting with one of my favorite models: Christian works in a gym, attends body building competitions – and he’s a nice guy.

Photographing him is pure pleasure. He is easygoing, and with his body physique almost every photo with him is good. Even if the shooting was a little spontaneous like today. No good light, no proper concept – just him and me. And it worked. Some of the pics are really great, and I can’t wait to show them to you all.

The good thing about photographing well-trained men and bodybuilders is: They normally are aware of their body, and with the body they have most light settings work. They like the shooting situation, prepare themselves for the day and are concentrated at location.

And, with a guy like Christian, it’s also fun. The chemistry between us is right, we are interacting perfectly – and I can’t wait to do the next shooting.