The Forbidden Picture

Today is Good Friday. In my archives, there’s a photos that seems to be made for this day. It’s Martin, Mr. Fetish Austria 2019, in a pose between crucified and resurrected. On his feet, some of his disciples. And not only the motive tells a story of resurrection, so does the pic itself.

We made this picture in a fetish club in Vienna, as part of a promotional shooting for an erotic party. When we made the pic, everybody who was there was sure, that this photo was the best we did. It had this certain magic you only see on very few pictures, and the moment you see the photo on the display, it’s there.

Unfortunately, the board of the association who hosts the party, didn’t share our feeling. As I heard later, they thought that the picture was not only provocative but also blasphemy. They didn’t want the photo to be published, and so it disappeared in our archives for years.

Now, there’s a new board and they have a different view on this pic. Which means, the picture has literally resurrected from its data grave. Hallelujah!